Sunday, August 2, 2009

Panic Attack!!!

Posted by Blueberry Nights at 10:59 PM

We received an order from our dear friend last saturday. Since she's a very close friend..we thought oh!lets make this order betul2 fresh from the oven....So..janji pukul 3 smpi...tgk2 pukul 3,muffins baru masuk oven..Haha..fresh hbs kan?!!lLepas tu we just realised..dear friend requested for blue topping and huruf C on top of the muffins cos nama birthday girl starts from C. How are we supposed to buat toppings yg comel2 if muffins panas lagi.....and then,kahlen pun kena la PANIC ATTACK!! She was like dah x keruan da..n since i cant be panic too kalau x,lagi la hancur i was like..xpe xpe..sempat lagi ni..baru kul 3.30.. n when everything was done..guess what time ktorg siap??haaaa...5.40 pm..hahahhahahaa...n we called dear friend,she said orang da balik da..but you guys just we came je la...luckily muffins laku jugak...haha..thanx to Yasmin n family cos x marah ktorg smpi lambat n melakukan muffins kami!!! =))

Muffins terkecut sikit because ktorg sejukkn bawah kipas..

You know it's supposed to be kedombombom like this kan?!!!

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Ainieynoky on August 3, 2009 at 6:20 AM said...

ehem ehem.. yer la.. yang tolong me-laku-kannye siap amek 2 bijik sorang.. huhu.. anyway.. yup.. muffins tu mmg sedap! percaye lah dowh.. i dah rase yg blueberry punye.. takcaye? sile la contact dorang nih! :P

Blueberry Nights on August 4, 2009 at 4:03 AM said...

sedap eh??thaaaaaannnnnkkk yooouuuu... (sambil menjerit ok..)promote2 kn la lagi.....=p

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