Friday, August 14, 2009

Friends we love.

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Our friends are graduating!!We had a small gathering i was thinking of doing something nice and delicious for yeah,i asked my mom to teach me her famous oreo here it can order this too!!!it's only RM30.00 for half a kg..again,the pictures...drool people..drooooooollll...hehehehehheheehe...

Before salut topping

drool x??hissshhh...nape x drool!!!

p/s : Congratulations to Man,Meng,Ali,Zac,Angie,Andy,Dom,Irfan,Edwin, sume2 la and all the Unitenians who are right now sitting in MPH waiting for ur names to be called up..ktorg tau korg xde de bace blog ktorg ni buatpe nk sebut nama..but what the heck!we love you guys!!

Fruits are good for you...

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We are adding another menu...sedap!!x caya order n try.. =p this is actually a favourite recipe from my mom..(thanx to her generosity everytime i balik rumah.. "nk belajar recipe baru?") hehe..yup..kahlen n i are her protegee..hehhee..she's retiring from baking n she always wanted one of her daughters to learn all her, anyway..she tought me this great recipe n i want to offer all you people out there the chance to indulge this fruuuuuiiittyyy tartlets...fruits can be change upon request..but usually we use kiwi and peaches..nk tambah 3 jenis buah to put on top pun boleh...anything for u guys..hihi..

As i was done with this..there were extra tartlets base..n my mom was know what you can do with this?another menu added!!and this is very very recommended to you's......BLUEBERRY CHEESE TARTS!! yg ini serious sedap okay..we use high quality cheese and yummy blueberries...tgk la gmbr n drool...hehehehehe...

Kahlen had loads of work and tests this she couldnt come and bake with me..sbb tu as you can see the pictures x berapa bagus..i use low quality camera phone...tsk..sedih people must order n try!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Panic Attack!!!

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We received an order from our dear friend last saturday. Since she's a very close friend..we thought oh!lets make this order betul2 fresh from the oven....So..janji pukul 3 smpi...tgk2 pukul 3,muffins baru masuk oven..Haha..fresh hbs kan?!!lLepas tu we just realised..dear friend requested for blue topping and huruf C on top of the muffins cos nama birthday girl starts from C. How are we supposed to buat toppings yg comel2 if muffins panas lagi.....and then,kahlen pun kena la PANIC ATTACK!! She was like dah x keruan da..n since i cant be panic too kalau x,lagi la hancur i was like..xpe xpe..sempat lagi ni..baru kul 3.30.. n when everything was done..guess what time ktorg siap??haaaa...5.40 pm..hahahhahahaa...n we called dear friend,she said orang da balik da..but you guys just we came je la...luckily muffins laku jugak...haha..thanx to Yasmin n family cos x marah ktorg smpi lambat n melakukan muffins kami!!! =))

Muffins terkecut sikit because ktorg sejukkn bawah kipas..

You know it's supposed to be kedombombom like this kan?!!!

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