Friday, August 14, 2009

Friends we love.

Posted by Blueberry Nights at 7:15 PM
Our friends are graduating!!We had a small gathering i was thinking of doing something nice and delicious for yeah,i asked my mom to teach me her famous oreo here it can order this too!!!it's only RM30.00 for half a kg..again,the pictures...drool people..drooooooollll...hehehehehheheehe...

Before salut topping

drool x??hissshhh...nape x drool!!!

p/s : Congratulations to Man,Meng,Ali,Zac,Angie,Andy,Dom,Irfan,Edwin, sume2 la and all the Unitenians who are right now sitting in MPH waiting for ur names to be called up..ktorg tau korg xde de bace blog ktorg ni buatpe nk sebut nama..but what the heck!we love you guys!!

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